Eyvind W. Axelsen

I originally chose the OmniBass because of its immediate familiarity to the “ordinary” electric bass in terms of scale length and overall construction, and also because I could get a fretted(!) version that was playable with the bow. Having frets can be very handy when playing high-volume, noisy, gigs, where it can be hard to hear on stage exactly what is going on in the bass register. I keep using it more and more now because it provides me with an unprecedented flexibility in allowing me to quickly switch between arco and fingerstyle mode, utilizing the polar pickup system. For me, the instrument has become an important part of my sound, and it allows me to create my own distinct take on the progressive death metal genre.

—Eyvind W. Axelsen

Eyvind is a Norwegian bass player (and also a father of two children, a phd graduate in informatics, and a devout music lover). He is a founding member, bass player, vocalist and songwriter of the progressive death metal band DISKORD, which has received much critical acclaim from the international metal press for their untraditional and adventurous music, pushing the boundaries of the genre.

In 2016, Eyvind also joined Russian-come-Norwegian death metal act DEFECT DESIGNER on bass.