Jeff Byrd

Jeff brings the skill that band members dream of in a band mate:  He drives.  Oh, sure, almost every road musician drives, but Jeff is a professional; he has long made his living driving trucks.  John Duffey once said, “I don’t charge for playing music; I charge for getting there.”  Well, with Jeff on-board, DBFS may even add to its stellar reputation for “getting there”, having only missed one date in 40 years and that caused by a trip to the ER.  Jeff has an impressive professional musical resume as a bass player who sings bass, baritone, and lead.  He has performed and/or recorded with The King’s Journeymen, Higher Ground, the Jennie Lynn Band and Jetts Creek along with short stints with several other bands.  Jeff is an avid hunter.  He’s been married to his wife, Karen, for 17 years and they have four children and one grandchild.