FAQ’s for B-Stock Instruments on Offer

What is included with my purchase? All instruments include an NS Owner’s Manual, tool kit and padded gig bag or hardshell case (violin and viola).  The Upright Bass and Cello include a tripod stand as standard equipment.  The Omni Bass includes a Boomerang Strap System as standard equipment.  Bows are not included in any purchase.  Shipping fees not included.

How do I place an order? After submitting website inquiry form, an NS representative will assist with placing the order, and arranging the payment and shipping details after confirmation that the instrument has been reserved for the sale.

Can I place a reserve on an instrument if I’m not ready to purchase right away? If you are not ready to place your order immediately, an instrument can be reserved for 2 working days (U.S. customers) or 5 working days (International customers).

What are my payment options?  

U.S. Customers: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Amex, Discover and PayPal. Personal checks are not accepted.

International Customers (including Canada): We accept all major credit cards. All international payments will be made in US Dollars.

Are any taxes included in the payment fee? For orders shipped in U.S. (except Maine where 5% sales tax will be charged), you are solely responsible for all sales taxes or other taxes.

What are the shipping options?  Instruments normally ship within 3-5 working days of payment, normally via UPS except as arranged. Shipping and insurance charges (covering the value of the instrument) are the responsibility of the purchaser and will be added to the invoice. We can provide an estimate upon request.

Do you provide any international shipping options? Instruments normally ship within 3-5 working days of payment, normally via FedEx International Standard except as arranged (except Canada where we normally ship via UPS International Ground). Shipments are sent with complete and accurate commercial invoice that reflects the price paid for the goods. All customs, duties and taxes for international shipments are the customer’s responsibility. Any arrangements not made via NS with FedEx International (or UPS for Canada) for international shipping, will be the responsibility of the customer.

How do I get answers on a specific instrument that I can’t find described on your website? You can use the form on each B-stock instrument page to write to us about specific instruments, and we can discuss pricing, shipping, and payment options. Or contact us directly at info@nedsteinberger.com or toll free at 866 NSDESIGN (866-673-3744).