• Custom Violin Shoulder Rest Forms to Your Shoulder

    Getting comfortable with your violin is an important for successful practice and performance. The instrument is cradled intimately against the body, yet we are all shaped differently.  In response to this ongoing issue, I’ve developed a new shoulder rest that should bring a higher level of comfort and support to many players.

    shoulder rest

    The new “Custom” Shoulder Rest can be formed by the player to fit his or her body shape.   Firm foam is backed by a  layer of malleable aluminum that can be bent with  thumb and forefingers to mold the rest into virtually any shape, as shown in the picture below.

    bending rest

    Once the shoulder rest is formed, the shape remains fixed, providing a secure structural platform.  It does take a little trial and error to find the ideal shape, but the benefit can be quite dramatic.  Through the development process I’ve heard the happy oohs and ahhs  from players getting really comfortable for the first time.  In combination with the new NS Adjsutable Chin Rest, virtually any body shape and style of play can be accommodated with amazing comfort.

    I’m very happy to finally be at the point where these products are available to everyone.

    For more information, or to purchase one of the shoulder rests, talk to your NS Dealer, email sales@nedsteinberger.com, or give us a call at 866 NS DESIGN (866 673 3744).

  • Friends of NS Design

    Skidompha Library concert

    NS Design – presents “Friends of NS Design” – artist workshop with local violinist Ed Howe.

    Perhaps you were lucky enough to enjoy Ed Howe’s fantastic fiddling performance at the recent Chocolate Fest benefit for Healthy Kids, or have heard the buzz around his multi-layered solo performance on a Ned Steinberger electric violin.

    NS Design is proud to announce a special free concert at Skidompha library featuring Ed Howe and other musicians. NS Design, the company founded by Nobleboro designer and inventor Ned Steinberger, is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing fine Electric String Instruments for the Discriminating Musician. Ed Howe’s iNSpired performance on NS Design’s 5 string electric violin will delight and enlighten every listener with his blend of traditional fiddling and modern electronics and looping devices. Whether you are a violinist, bass player, music teacher, or just love to hear interesting and innovative music played well, this is a great opportunity to experience first hand the incredible possibilities of electric string instruments.

    NS Design is proud to feature Ed Howe and other guests demonstrating and speaking about about NS Design’s line of electric string instruments, which will be on display at the concert. Designer Ned Steinberger will answer questions and greet the audience after the performance.

    Thursday March 12th, 2009. 5:30 – 6:30pm at the Skidompha Library, 184 Main Street, Damariscotta , ME. Admission is FREE and no reservations are necessary. For more information call 207-563-7705.