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  • Fretboard Journal

    Fretboard Journal magazine includes an article on Ned and his work.

    Ned Steinberger will forever be associated with his namesake, headstock-less guitar (as played by Lou Reed and others). But, as writer Martin Gibson discovers in his interview with the Maine-based inventor, that iconic guitar barely scratches the surface of Steinberger’s fascinating output. Capos, modern bowed instruments, unique guitar neck mounts and even a famed doctor’s chair are just some of the things Steinberger has created.

    Check out the website, where you can purchase reprints and subscribe.


  • A Wave of WAV’s Hits Shreveport

    Blaise Kielar, of the Electric Violin Shop, sends us this report from the American String Teachers Association (ASTA) conference:

    The winner of the NS Design – Electric Violin Shop Giveaway of an NS Design WAV violin is CiCi Lau of Shreveport, Louisiana. The drawing was held March 21 at the EVS exhibit at the American String Teachers Association annual Conference in Atlanta, and was open only to conference attendees. The glossy black WAV was autographed by Ned Steinberger, the designer of the innovative NS Design electric violin, viola, cello and upright bass.

    It is a striking coincidence that the two other WAV violins sold to young players at ASTA Atlanta were also from Shreveport! Considering there were over 700 Giveaway entries, ranging from Alaska to New Hampshire, Kenya to Germany, there must be some electric violin magic happening, or about to happen, in Shreveport!

    CiCi is a high school student who has studied violin with Elaine Webb since 4th grade. After receiving the WAV violin, she said, “Thanks again for the wonderful violin. I will continue to enjoy it and amaze my friends.”


  • NS Design CR Series Violin and Looping w/ Jamman

    Hi all!

    I performed last weekend with the Carolina Cool Jazz Orchestra in Spartanburg, SC and this was one of my solo tunes.  In this song, I create a loop with my guitar and a Lexicon Jamman and then solo with my NS CR Series violin.  I hope you enjoy this.  I wrote this song for my 8 year old son,  Joseph.

  • Video: NS Design community concert

    We’ve received the video of NS Design’s community concert at the Skidompha Public Library, in Damariscotta, Maine.  Ed Howe played an hour-long show in which he demonstrated the capabilities of the CR-5 violin.  At the end of the show, NS sales team leader and bluegrass banjo-player Mike Kropp joined Ed onstage for a few tunes.  Without really rehearsing beforehand, the two sounded terrific together—two versatile musicians who know how to get the most out of their instruments.

    [flv:blueG.flv 480 270]

  • American String Teachers Association National Conference

    On March 18-22, The American String Teachers Association (ASTA) held their annual National Conference in Atlanta.  I was pleased to attend the conference and present several educational sessions to both teachers and students that were involved with the conference and the National Orchestra Festival.  I am happy to report that NS Design had a strong presence at the event and folks from all over the country are now aware of the Wav Violin and the buzz around the product is very strong!

    First, The Electric Violin Shop ( had a booth that was prominently positioned right at the entrance to the exhibit hall for the conference.  Every attendee had to walk right by their booth to enter the exhibits.  They had the Wav, in all three colors, displayed front and center and everyone from students to teachers could try the instruments on fantastic amps and with cool effects processing.  Additionally, all that checked out the instrument in the booth could register for a raffle at the end of the show where one person would receive a free wav.  I know that generated a great deal of interest as well.

    One of my sessions was entitled “Effective Effects.”  In this session, I really give a mini science lesson and discuss exactly what various common effects do and how the parameters work.  I broke down the function of EQ, reverb, time based effects (chorus, flanger, and delay), filter effects (phase shifting, wah wah), distortion, and pitch shifters.  The session was really well attended and I received super-positive feedback from many that attended.  Throughout the session, I demonstrated all of the effects with my Wav violin.  The instrument sounded fantastic and many remarked about it afterwards.  Folks were amazed at the fantastic look as well as the economical price.  All feedback was extremely positive. You can see more information on the effects processing seminar at

    All in all, it was a fantastic conference and the Wav received some fantastic publicity.  The instrument certainly speaks for itself.  I couldn’t be happier with the results and the response from the conference.



  • Win a WAV!

    Strings magazine is giving away an NS design WAV violin!  Enter their online contest by filling out the form on this page.

    Strings says:  “The WAV is famous for its affordability, but it doesn’t get more affordable than free! So enter today for your chance to win your own, courtesy of Strings magazine and NS Design.”

    Hurry!  Drawing is May 31st, 2009.

  • Friends of NS Design

    Skidompha Library concert

    NS Design – presents “Friends of NS Design” – artist workshop with local violinist Ed Howe.

    Perhaps you were lucky enough to enjoy Ed Howe’s fantastic fiddling performance at the recent Chocolate Fest benefit for Healthy Kids, or have heard the buzz around his multi-layered solo performance on a Ned Steinberger electric violin.

    NS Design is proud to announce a special free concert at Skidompha library featuring Ed Howe and other musicians. NS Design, the company founded by Nobleboro designer and inventor Ned Steinberger, is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing fine Electric String Instruments for the Discriminating Musician. Ed Howe’s iNSpired performance on NS Design’s 5 string electric violin will delight and enlighten every listener with his blend of traditional fiddling and modern electronics and looping devices. Whether you are a violinist, bass player, music teacher, or just love to hear interesting and innovative music played well, this is a great opportunity to experience first hand the incredible possibilities of electric string instruments.

    NS Design is proud to feature Ed Howe and other guests demonstrating and speaking about about NS Design’s line of electric string instruments, which will be on display at the concert. Designer Ned Steinberger will answer questions and greet the audience after the performance.

    Thursday March 12th, 2009. 5:30 – 6:30pm at the Skidompha Library, 184 Main Street, Damariscotta , ME. Admission is FREE and no reservations are necessary. For more information call 207-563-7705.

  • Les Claypool: Bassist and Fisherman

    The webzine has a great article about NS Bass player Les Claypool, who is also an avid fisherman. Fishing inspires many of Claypool’s songs and has also sparked several video projects.

    Claypool’s playful ruminations recall the childhood amazement that seizes one’s soul when pondering what lurks below the waves. Primus songs are first and foremost fun, and nowhere is this more evident than in these three tunes. Whether visualizing young John insistently rejecting his mother’s pleas to pursue a more traditional lifestyle, or reveling in the irony of Les munchin’ on a tuna salad sandwich while relojes especiales Replicas de Relojes bred 13s gucci outlet online fishing, or imagining the ol’ buck sturgeon’s personified movements, these songs boast a youthful exuberance that only a fishing trip and the fish it celebrates can conjure.

    Read more

  • Using CR and Wav Violin for Pit Peformance

    This weekend, I will be performing at the Durham (NC) Performing Arts Center as part of a pit orchestra for a school district-wide show choir gala called “Evening of Entertainment.” The pit for this show traditionally uses professional musicians from all around NC. This year, a few high school students will be joining the pit, including a violinist from my school (NC School of Science and Math) This is a huge venue and the sound guys were planning to simply mic up the acoustic violins. I suggest that they let us use NS violins for the performance. I put a Wav violin into my student’s hands yesterday and we have a rehearsal today. I’ll be playing my CR for the show. The show is tomorrow night. I am certain that the NS violins will prvide a more consistent tone and volume and be able to compete with the huge brass section, rhythm section, etc.

    The student violinist couldn’t believe how comfortable the Wav was to play. She was initially concerned with the learning curve of getting used to the instrument. Once she played a bit, she was sold. I will update this after the rehearsal today and again after the performance. I can’t wait to showcase the instruments!

    Post rehearsal update: Rehearsal today was great. The brass section thought the electrics sounded great. Blend was fantastic and everyone agreed that the NS instruments would be a better choice than the acoustics miked up. My student loved the Wav violina and played great today. She really liked the dots on the fingerboard and used them for some precarious sections when she had to start out of nowhere on a high G. The visual reference was a great help. All in all, the NS instruments were a big hit and will definitely be used tomorrow for the show!

    Post performance update: The performance went great!  We heard reallypositive reviews from so many folks.  I think my favorite was from a string player friend of mine that came to the pit during intermission to congratulate us on the violin solo on the tune “Mona Lisa.”  We were chatting and she looked over at the NS violin and asked when we were going to play it.  I told her that I had been playing it the entire first half of the show.  She couldn’t believe that we were playing electrics.  She had no idea.  What a testimony to the tone quality of the violin!  After the show, the arrangeer for most of the music stopped me, to once again, tell me how much he liked the sound of the NS violins.  After the show, my student told me that she “just has to have one of those!”  Bottom line, this was a huge success.

  • Chinrestless NS

    Once you are accustomed to the Balanced Shoulder Rest, the chin rest is optional. Here’s a solution that eliminates the chin rest and the chin rest arm entirely.