NXTa Charger – US

An AC/DC Mi-Si™ Adapter for use with NXTa Series instruments.

The NXTa charger is plugged in to the NXTa instrument output jack and connects into any AC outlet; the special supercapacitor-based curcuitry charges for 60 seconds to deliver active output for up to 16 hours of performance time from the time of the charge.

A complete list of NXTa Chargers for international use is listed in our FAQ Section.

Thumbstops for Cello and Bass

As a position marker, the thumb stop provides accurate intonation and is an aid for fast playing. It is crafted from maple wood and lacquered with an amber satin finish, and includes a 3m adhesive pad for ease in attaching to desired position on the neck of the instrument.

Thumbstops are available for the NS Upright Bass, Omni Bass and NS Cello

Upright Bass and Omni Bass Thumbstop














Cello Thumbstop

The NXT Tripod Stands

The NXT Double Bass Tripod Stand is made with black painted steel.  It has a self-standing tripod design and is fully adjustable.  The stand folds for easy storage and fits into the WAV, NXT or CR gig bag. Weight is 2.7 kg (6 lbs.).

The NXT Cello Tripod Stand is made with black painted steel.  It has a self-standing tripod design and is fully adjustable.  The stand folds for easy storage and fits into the WAV, NXT or CR gig bag. Weight is 2 kg (4.5 lbs.).


Evolved from traditional designs, modern materials allow NS Composite Bows to achieve a new level of performance and practicality that exceed traditional wood construction. Advanced molding techniques with carbon and other performance fibers give these bows superb balance and lightning-quick response.  Formulated for efficient transmission of string vibrations back to the fingertips, the lively action of the bow enhances the tactile connection of the player to the string, facilitating technique and involving the player more fully in the expression of music.

Composite construction resists the effects of climatic shifts in temperature and humidity, so that the bow will play the same way in a wide range of situations without requiring the musician to compensate for performance changes. Lustrous ebony frogs, pearlescent inlay and nickel-silver fittings make these bows as attractive to look at as they are to play.  The result is a bow that puts no limit on the musician's expression and allows you to realize the full potential of your NS Violin, Cello, or Bass, as well as any acoustic instrument.

NS Composite Bows are available for Bass, Cello and Violin

German Bass Bow Frog


French Bass Bow Frog


Cello Bow Frog


Violin Bow Frog

The Bass End Pin Stand

72dpi CR BEPS with Instrument c


The Bass End Pin Stand offers full freedom of movement. Height, tilt and “right bout” angle are fully adjustable providing a more conventional feel. Weight 3 kg (7 lbs).

To hold the instrument upright for on-stand performance or when not in use, the Bass End Pin Stand can be attached to the CR Tripod Stand  (not compatible with the NXT Tripod Stand) using the optional End Pin Stand Conversion Kit.

72dpi CR BEPS folded c


Flight Cases

Flight cases are available to protect your NS Design instrument in more demanding situations. Aluminum edged plywood construction, foam interior, recessed hardware and handle and lock latches.

72dpi Flight Case c72dpi Flight Case Open c

Upright Bass Flight Case: Aluminum edged plywood, handle at one end with two wheels at opposite end for ease of transport, 145 cm (57″) long; 25 cm (10″) wide; 25 cm (10″) high. Loaded weight is approximately 22 kg (48 lbs.) including stand.






Omni Bass & Cello Flight Case (optional): Aluminum edged plywood, 136 cm (53.5″) long; 28 cm (11″) wide; 27 cm (10.5″) high. Loaded weight is approximately 18 kg (40 lbs.) including stand.72dpi Instrument in FlightCase gray







Viola & Violin Flight Case (optional): Aluminum edged plywood. Outside Dimensions: 88 cm (34.5″) long; 28 cm (11.5″) wide; 20 cm (7.75″) high. Inside Dimensions (from foam edge to foam edge) : 32.25″ long; 9.95″ wide; 5.5″ height (including top cover recess).  Loaded weight is approximately 13 kg (30 lbs.).

(Rectangular Violin/Viola Case fit within its Flight Case)

(Oblong Violin/Viola Case fit within its Flight Case)

The Violin Caddy

NS violin players have often requested an easy way to safely set their instrument down when not playing. Designed to cradle NS Design violins, the unit mounts to any mic stand with a standard 5/8 inch thread, and provides the player with ready-to-grab convenience, in the studio or on the stage.

Four rubberized arms are positioned to match the unique contours of the NS violin, while a cutaway on the back plate allows the instrument cable to remain attached if desired. The caddy also features a hook for the bow.

Adjustable Chin Rest

If you could take all the energy you use to hold your violin and apply it to your playing, would you play differently? Optimal chin rest position is crucial for player comfort. Full adjustment allows each player to customize the chin rest to fit vastly different body shapes and playing styles. Using your hand to overcome the friction of the clamp allows you to experiment to find a desirable chin rest angle. The chin rest can tilt forward and back, as well as left and right.

The clamping screws in the center of each hub can be adjusted to provide the desired amount of friction to insure that the chin rest does not move in use.

Using the 5/32″ hex wrench (provided) to adjust the level of friction, the chin rest position can also be moved closer or further from the instrument. It can also be rotated more to the center or more to the side.

Omni Bass Strings

omnistringsLight and responsive, with singing highs and a remarkably deep low register, these low-tension strings are effortless to play. The polished finish, smooth and fast to the touch, minimizes unwanted finger noise, allowing the player to concentrate on expression rather than technique. They have a rich pizzicato growl that can be made to sound very much like an acoustic upright, yet they can deliver plenty of sustain and drive when you need it. These same strings, custom made by D’Addario™, are perfectly adapted for bowing. They respond much quicker to the bow than traditional bass strings, so expressive bow technique is easier to develop and maintain.

Fan Tao, head designer for bowed strings at D’Addario, worked closely with Ned Steinberger to develop this new type of bowed electric string. The key to string design is to optimize each string to perform within its unique frequency range, keeping the low and high strings in balance. Multiple strand wire rope core, traditional for bowed strings, is used on the lower Bass Cello strings to add flexibility, resulting in deeper lows and extended harmonics for brilliance and clarity. Tungsten wrap, much heavier than steel, is used to keep the lowest strings thin and supple. Like the modern cello, thin solid core wire is combined with multiple wraps on the higher strings to add complexity and drive to the upper register. Damping factors are computer controlled for each string to balance the set through its entire range.

At 34 inches, the Omni Bass scale length is exactly the same as the standard bass guitar, allowing these strings to fit most bass guitars. The construction of these strings is complex, and materials such as tungsten are expensive, so these premium strings cost more than conventional bass guitar strings, but the performance is truly extraordinary. The smooth feel, effortless tension, and depth of tone are unmatched, offering a new level of expression for the bass guitar.

Standard string sets for Omni Bass are tuned in fourths, exactly the same as the bass guitar. Sets designed to be tuned E, A, D, G, C, low to high, are recommended, while sets that start a fourth down, B, E, A, D, G, are also available.

Balanced Shoulder Rest

What if your violin weighed nothing? Pretend for a minute that you don’t have to grip your violin between your chin and shoulder. Imagine that the violin stays effortlessly in place, your head and hands free to move. Even the most aggressive bowing doesn’t move the instrument. It seems to float lightly but securely next to your body in the perfect playing position.

The Balanced Shoulder Rest liberates violinists from the limitations of holding the violin. It uses the physics of a simple lever to counterbalance the weight of the instrument. A flexible, weighted aluminum arm wraps gently around the upper torso, lightly but securely spreading the load over the shoulder, chest, and upper back. Adjustable connecting screws allow the musician to maneuver the instrument into optimum playing position and fine-tune it for comfort. The violin stays securely in place without help from the hands or chin, but it remains mobile and responsive to the player’s movements.

The Balanced Shoulder Rest converts your holding energy to playing energy, freeing you to play better. It fits all models of the NS Violin.


The Bass End Pin Stand Conversion Kit

72dpi CR TPS Conv Kit c

The Bass End Pin Stand Conversion Kit has a U-shaped head piece that screws into the top of the CR Tripod Stand (not compatible with the NXT Tripod Stand) and uses a large mounting bolt to keep the Bass End Pin Stand in place. The foot piece attaches at the bottom of the tripod stand for support when not in use, as shown here:

72dpi CR TPS Conv Kit instrument on stand c  72dpi CR TPS EPS Conv Kit Trio c




The Cello End Pin Stand

The Cello End Pin Stand has traditional knee and chest contact points for seated play. The height, knee rest position and instrument angle are adjustable.



The CR Tripod Stand

72dpi CR TPS c72dpi EU-DB-AM CRTPS Back c72dpi CR TPS Folded angle c


The CR Tripod Stand provides stable support for the NS Cello or Double Bass and is also offered as an optional performance system for the Omni Bass. Steel construction with full height and tilt adjustments allows the player to select the ideal position, seated or standing. The stand folds for storage and fits in the gig bag. Weight is 3.6kg (8 lbs.).


The Boomerang™ Strap System

  • Complete freedom of movement for Cello, Omni Bass, and Bass players.
  • Strap holds instrument firmly in virtually any position with instant adjustment for bow and pizzicato technique.
  • Support arms conform to player’s body for stress-free comfort and balance.

The Boomerang Strap System gives the player full mobility, and the freedom to play in virtually any position without stress and fatigue. The simple design incorporates two support arms and a pivoting friction hub that holds the instrument firmly in place, yet allows the instrument to be moved into virtually any position in relation to the hands and body as it is played.

The secret of the Boomerang Strap is that the instrument can be rotated into place without moving the strap itself. With the strap over the shoulder like a guitar, the arms adjust to a comfortable position against waist and hips. The player can now move the instrument into the ideal playing position without changing the position of the strap; vertical, horizontal, or anywhere in between, with the fingerboard and strings tilting in toward the body or away, the strap system still remains in place, firm and comfortable against the body. The result is freedom of expression with unprecedented comfort for bow and pizzicato styles of play.

The Boomerang system fits all models of the Omni Bass, NS Double Bass, and NS Cello. The strap system screws into the same mounting insert that is used to for the Tripod & End Pin Stands so that all three support systems are easily interchanged.

The Frame Strap System

The Frame Strap System is a moving experience guaranteed to make you smile! The freedom of full mobility, only a dream for the cellist or upright bassist, is now a reality. The Frame Strap System fits over the shoulder like a guitar strap, but holds the instrument out from the body in the ideal position for bow and pizzicato technique.

Lightweight frame design has triangulated body contact points to provide a high degree of stability and comfort.

Convenient height and angle adjustments allow players to accommodate personal styles of play. In addition to the vertical position, the neck can be angled horizontally like a guitar for picking and strumming.

celloadjustA single wing nut secures the instrument in place for fast set-up and breakdown. The strap system fits both cello and double bass.

Virtually all traditional playing techniques are possible, including thumb position. The instrument neck is tilted back and close to the shoulder, but the body angles out, away from the body for excellent bow access across the full arc of play. This angle also helps traditional cello and bass pizzicato technique to sound and feel natural.

Custom Shoulder Rest

Getting comfortable with your violin is important for successful practice and performance. The instrument is cradled intimately against the body, yet all players are shaped differently. The Custom Shoulder Rest for the NS Violin can be formed by the player to fit his or her body perfectly. Firm foam is backed by a layer of malleable aluminum that can be bent with thumb and forefingers to mold the rest into virtually any position. Once the shoulder rest is formed, the shape remains fixed, providing a secure structural platform.


NS Electric Strings

In partnership with D’Addario™, NS Design has developed a full range of NS Electric strings applicable for all electric bowed instruments. Known for innovation and technical excellence, D’Addario has the sophisticated production and testing equipment to achieve the highest standard of precision and performance. NS Electric strings have a naturally powerful output, but since electronic rather than acoustic amplification is the means by which the bowed electric player manages volume, the entire focus of the NS Electric string design is on fullness of tone and set balance. The key to string design is to optimize each string to perform within its unique frequency range, and to keep the low and high strings in balance. As a result, NS Electric strings also provide players with the subtlety of expression which any bowed string instrument player may appreciate.

Violin and Viola Tuning and String Change:


Tune strings with knobs located behind the bridge, like conventional fine tuners.

To remove strings, loosen knob all the way until the string pulls out of the tuner. Then pull the string out through the hole in the end of the neck.

To install strings, first remove small cover off as shown at right. Thread the string through the hole in the end of the neck and pull it through the nut. Insert the free end of the string into the appropriate slot located just behind each tuning lever. (Be sure knob is rotated all the way in the counter-clockwise direction to open tuner fully so sting can enter easily.) Pull string through the tuner from the back, making sure the string is in the slot that rides up over the tuning lever, as shown above. Tune the string to pitch (the string will clamp automatically when tuned). Cut excess string if desired, and snap cover into place.

Note: We recommend NS Electric Strings, but any solid and stranded core strings may be used.  We do not recommend nylon (Perlon) core strings, which have a great deal of stretch, and must be pulled firmly through tuner to pre-tension the string before tuning.

Attaching Standard Acoustic Double Bass Strings:

bass_acoustic_stringsConventional double bass strings extend far beyond the bridge. To avoid adding this extra length to the body of the NS Double Bass, the strings wrap around the end of the body and fit into slots in the back.

To install standard acoustic strings, thread the strings through the holes in the body, then wrap the strings around the back of the instrument and secure the ball ends in the slots in the back plate. See photo to the right.