The NS Electric Violin family brings together elegant design, extraordinary tone and superior performance versatility.  It includes the sophisticated CR Electric Violin with active electronics, the straight-ahead pro level NXTa Electric Violin featuring the new battery-free active output electronics, and our most affordable high performance WAV Electric Violin.

Over the centuries of its evolution, one of the singular struggles for the violin maker and player alike has been to achieve more volume without sacrificing tone or playability. That need and desire has never been greater than in the present era, where the violinist frequently shares the stage with instruments designed for the plugged in world of amplifiers and high-powered sound reinforcement. The NS is, in every sense, designed for that very stage, but is equally well bred for life in the studio. Please explore and compare our amazing electric violin line-up and see which one fits your performance needs best.  Along the way, learn about the remarkable Polar™ Pickup System, the patented NS self-clamping tuning system, the adjustable height bridge, the malleable Custom Shoulder Rest, and other important features which distinguish the NS.

After a long and tiresome search for the best sound on an electric violin, the moment I tried a NS violin, I knew my quest has come to an end. The flexibility of having a natural violin sound and with a simple switch of a button, to sound like an incredible electric guitar is worth gold. I have been using the violin a lot for the recording of the soundtrack for the documentary "Jealous of the Birds", which I am presently co-writing with academy award winner Hans Zimmer. And having just played it in a clubbing I even found out its an absolute chick-magnet - what else could you ask for?

—Aleksey Igudesman

I came across Ned Steinberger and his amazing instruments at the 2001 NAMM show in LA, and had to have one. I played this instrument a good deal with the SFU pipe band, including the live CD recording and concert at the Sydney Opera House. It has a built in preamp which creates an exemplary acoustic tone, as well as two other presets - electric and pizzicato, which are also unique to his instruments.

—Anna Schaad

I love playing the NS because of the warmth of its sound. It is as close to an acoustic instrument as I could wish to get. Not only this, but I can adjust the sound as I need. Also, it has incredible gain. Gone are the days when I can't be heard! Just an excellent, very necessary, piece of equipment for me.

—Kersten Stevens