The NS Electric Viola brings together extraordinary tone, exceptional playability, and truly elegant design.  Our family of instruments includes the sophisticated CR Viola with active electronics, and the straight-ahead pro level NXTa Viola featuring the new battery-free active output electronics.

Over the centuries, one of the key challenges for the viola builder and player alike has been to achieve more volume, especially in the lower registers, without sacrificing tone or playability. That need has never been greater than in the present era.  The NS Electric Viola excels, especially where the violist shares the stage with instruments built for the world of amplifiers and high-powered sound reinforcement. You will be amazed at the full-bodied performance throughout every range, and enjoy complete freedom from wolf-tones and feedback. We proudly invite you to explore and compare our amazing line-up, and consider which one might best fit your performance needs. Along the way, learn about the remarkable Polar™ Pickup System, the patented NS self-clamping tuning system, the adjustable height bridge, the malleable Custom Shoulder Rest, and other important features which distinguish the NS.