NS Connect 2021

Welcome to CONNECT2021, an online series of informative and entertaining events, January 12, 13 and 14, including special performances, demonstrations, and roundtables proudly hosted by NS Design.

Visit this page for complete schedules and links to "Coffee with Ned" live streams and Live Premiere videos by NS Artists, updated leading up to, and throughout, the event.

Marcos Varela - Bass take: "Rapid Fire"

Quartet 405 - "Life in the Fast Lane"

Premieres 5:00PM EST Yorgis Goiricelaya - Bass take: "I Love Mambo"

“Coffee with Ned”

Live Session Schedule

Each live session will have a different focus, yet all feature a range of interesting NS Artists, many of whom are also educators, composers and producers. Expect informal but informative conversation about their playing, careers, influences, experiences, plans and hopes - and about navigating the special challenges of this time.

You can watch the archived recordings of each session at the links below. We had a wonderful time hosting these and look forward to continuing the conversations.

Tuesday, January 12

RADIUS Bass Guitarists Roundtable
Featuring Michael Micucci, Noor Che'ree, Nick Cañas, Pepe Hernandez, Brittany Frompovich, Marcos Varela, Lucas Steinberger, and Chance Onody.

Electrified Strings Today - Educators Roundtable
Featuring Brittany Frompovich, Scott Laird, Rudolf Haken, Dr. Gregory Walker, Michael Micucci, Bakithi Kumalo, Anna Blanton, Julie Lyonn-Lieberman, Greg Byers, and Jozef Nadj.

Wednesday, January 13

NS Electric Cellists Roundtable
Featuring Danica Pinner, Guy Michel, Calum Ingram, Zack Clark, Katie Larson, Kristen Jones, Ernest Bisong, and Greg Byers.

NS Violinists & Violists Roundtable
Featuring Rebecca Schlappisch-Charles, Jana Chao, Eliza James, Jonas Petersen, Jason Yang, Anna Blanton, Luis Montilla, and Ken Ford.

Thursday, January 14

Upright Electric Bassists Roundtable
Featuring Brittany Frompovich, Chance Onody, Michael Micucci, Bakithi Kumalo, Zach Rudulph, Derek Menchan, and Nick Villalobos.

NS Omni Bassists Roundtable
Featuring Yorgis Goiricelaya, Donald Waugh, Daniel Escortell, and Chance Onody.

Live Premiere Videos

You can watch all the videos that premiered during CONNECT2021 at the links below. A huge thank you to all our NS Artists for contributing their talents to this event.

Tuesday January, 12

Pepe Hernandez & Paco Rosas Quintet, featuring “Coreano” as recorded live at the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival.

Nick Cañas - "Yin and Yang" from the new Nautilus vs. Pangolin EP.

Jake Moore - RADIUS Bass Guitar demonstration, featuring Jamiroquai’s “Time Can’t Wait”.

Brittany Frompovich - Rundown: CR6 Bass Guitar, featuring "Fly" by Ashleigh Chevalier.

Noor Che'ree and Jonas Petersen (Symphonic Planet) - "Tujunga" duet improvisation in the Los Angeles Forest.

Marcos Varela - "Rapid Fire" by Leo P, live bass line take.

Michael Micucci - CR6 RADIUS Bass Guitar demo

Rudolf Haken and the University of Illinois Electric Strings Ensemble - "Tempus Fugit" by Bud Powell.

Dr. Gregory Walker - “Qualiqa”

Greg Byers & Ernest Bisong - "Princean"

Scott Laird - “My ‘Electric Experience’ in Music Education”

Scott & Matt Laird - “Eleven” (CR Violin & RADIUS Bass Guitar)


Wednesday January 13

Quartet 405 - "Life in the Fast Lane"

Nick Villalobos - CR Upright Bass rundown

Zack Clark - CR Cello rundown

Kristen Jones with ilyAIMY - "unEven"

Daniel Acebes - Rundown: NS Cello.

Maddy Herdeman, Mystery Loves Company - Performance: “Oh La La” (NS Cello)

Calum Ingram - "Demon Eyes"

Katie Larson & The Accidentals - "How Many Hands"

Calum Ingram - Demonstration: CR Cello and NXTa Cello

Anna Blanton - "Rawhide"

Luis Montilla - "Mambo Influenciado"


Thursday, January 14

Daniel Escortell - Pedals and signal processing for the Omni Bass.

Zach Rudulph and Derek Menchan - A conversation about the NS Electric Upright Bass.

Lucas Steinberger and Jojo Martin - “Caravan” and “Autumn Leaves”

Chance Wilder Onody - "The Music That Was Us"

Derek Menchan - "Aquaerla do Brasil"

Donald Waugh - "Footprints"

Chance Wilder Onody - Demonstration: NS Omni Bass

Yorgis Goiricelaya - Bass take: "I Love Mambo"