More than any other electric cello on the market, the NS Electric Cello is designed for performance excellence in the plugged in world of effects, amplifiers, and high-powered sound reinforcement. The NS Cello line-up includes the sophisticated CR Series with its active electronics, and the straight-ahead pro level NXTa Series featuring the new battery-free active output electronics, and our most affordable high performance WAV Series. Regardless of model, the NS Electric Cello is an extraordinary extension of the cello's long evolution, letting it share the stage on equal terms with other electrics. The Polar™ Pickup system, which is at the heart of every NS, delivers full-bodied natural tone, absent troublesome wolf-tones, with an amazingly even and pleasing response in every range. The stand and strap system options offer exceptional mobility and freedom on stage.

"I would like to thank Ned Steinberger for his wonderful design and incredibly versatile instrument. The bowed sound has wonderful control, and the pizzicato sound is unique in that the cellist has a switch that controls different choices of sound. In my recent recording engagements, the cello has played a wonderful part in creating sounds that are unique and unusual."

—David Darling (ECM recording artist)

"The NS Cello provides a means through which a player can make music without having to accommodate technical limitations that have been imposed by instrument design since the Renaissance. There are some who will be frightened by the freedom the instrument offers; others will immediately recognize that to master this instrument is to grow immensely as a cellist."

—Myles Jordan (Da Ponte Quartet)