NS Electric Strings

In partnership with D’Addario™, NS Design has developed a full range of NS Electric strings applicable for all electric bowed instruments. Known for innovation and technical excellence, D’Addario has the sophisticated production and testing equipment to achieve the highest standard of precision and performance. NS Electric strings have a naturally powerful output, but since electronic rather than acoustic amplification is the means by which the bowed electric player manages volume, the entire focus of the NS Electric string design is on fullness of tone and set balance. The key to string design is to optimize each string to perform within its unique frequency range, and to keep the low and high strings in balance. As a result, NS Electric strings also provide players with the subtlety of expression which any bowed string instrument player may appreciate.

Violin and Viola Tuning and String Change:


Tune strings with knobs located behind the bridge, like conventional fine tuners.

To remove strings, loosen knob all the way until the string pulls out of the tuner. Then pull the string out through the hole in the end of the neck.

To install strings, first remove small cover off as shown at right. Thread the string through the hole in the end of the neck and pull it through the nut. Insert the free end of the string into the appropriate slot located just behind each tuning lever. (Be sure knob is rotated all the way in the counter-clockwise direction to open tuner fully so sting can enter easily.) Pull string through the tuner from the back, making sure the string is in the slot that rides up over the tuning lever, as shown above. Tune the string to pitch (the string will clamp automatically when tuned). Cut excess string if desired, and snap cover into place.

Note: We recommend NS Electric Strings, but any solid and stranded core strings may be used.  We do not recommend nylon (Perlon) core strings, which have a great deal of stretch, and must be pulled firmly through tuner to pre-tension the string before tuning.

Attaching Standard Acoustic Double Bass Strings:

bass_acoustic_stringsConventional double bass strings extend far beyond the bridge. To avoid adding this extra length to the body of the NS Double Bass, the strings wrap around the end of the body and fit into slots in the back.

To install standard acoustic strings, thread the strings through the holes in the body, then wrap the strings around the back of the instrument and secure the ball ends in the slots in the back plate. See photo to the right.