Welcome to the NS Design electric upright bass family by Ned Steinberger. More than any other instrument in its class, the NS upright captures the feel and tonal character of an acoustic bass, while adding dimensions of performance energy, ease and versatility not possible with any acoustic. Originating with our flagship EU upright bass with its cutting edge ergonomics and sound shaping, the NS line now includes the sophisticated and versatile CR upright bass and CRT upright bass with active electronics and onboard mixer, the NXTa upright bass featuring the new battery-free active output electronics, and our most affordable model, the high performance WAV upright bass.

For over five centuries much of the  evolution of the double bass reflects the challenge of finding the optimal blend of tone, volume, playability and portability. The NS electric upright bass surmounts those traditional challenges and offers the player extraordinary new opportunities.  We invite you to join us on this adventure in musical freedom and expression.

“impeccable craftsmanship from a country with a reputation for quality upright bass building. It's clean aesthetics, excellent playability, and great sound put it ahead of the pack.”

Bass Player Magazine

"The NS Upright has been an inspiration, both recording and in concert with Crimson and Gabriel. The arco response, in particular, is so good it's got me playing rock with a bow."

—Tony Levin
King Crimson, Peter Gabriel
Solo artist, session bassist

"This Bass changed my life!"

—Doug Wimbish
Session Bassist
Living Color
many, many others

The end result, sound-wise, is a bass that has it all: sweet arco, contemporary-jazz pizz, thumping Latin, rocking punch, and a mammoth low B that was more than any amp in my shop could handle - and all of this from an instrument that's guaranteed for life and fits in an airplane's overhead bin.

Bob Macaskey
Bass Player Magazine
December 1996

I have enjoyed every moment I spend playing this bass... In fact I have not seen much daylight since it arrived... I just want to keep playing... It has even inspired some new music... So I thank you for the work you have done, and for helping me out with acquiring the bass...
I will cherish it always..."

— Eric Mingus

"I'm loving the hell out of this bass!"

—Jim Creegan
Barenaked Ladies