Adam Frederick Endorses NS Design

From an unlikely start, NS bassist Adam Frederick has achieved great success.  When he was nine years old, Adam broke both his arms, and doctors said he’d never use them normally.  He spent five weeks in bed listening to Herbie Hancock’s “Thrust” and decided he wanted to play the bass.

Adam Frederick with Ned Steinberger

Fast forward a few years and Adam—now an award-winning bassist, vocalist, and producer—is highly in demand as a session bassist and playing 250 shows a year.  He has played at Carnegie Hall, the White House Congressional Ball, and joined artists such as Emilia Dahlin, Amy Speace and Natalia Zuckerman.

His main group these days is the Jason Spooner Trio, a Portland, Maine-based soul-folk group.  They played a show recently in South Bristol, Maine, not far from NS Design’s headquarters.  We shot this video of Adam playing his NXT4 double bass and singing harmony vocals.

We’re delighted to welcome Adam as an endorsing artist!