Derek Menchan

NXT Double Bass
Solo Artist Ed Vitale Educator
I name all my instruments based on their personalities and my NS NXT 5 string, Uriel, is the king of subsonics and has a wonderful projecting voice, like a brilliant light that can blow to the 4 corners of any hall.

—Derek Menchan

Teaching artist Derek “The Professor” Menchan is a concert cellist, bassist, composer, and college instructor of the humanities, philosophy, and music. Having worked with a host of “A listers,” including cellists Rostropovich and Janos Starker, guitarist Ed Vitale; Ray Charles, Robert Plant and Jimmy Paige; Stevie Wonder and more, Menchan has carved out quite the niche for himself as a performer and session musician, wielding a rare level of versatility. He is sought after, stateside and abroad, for one or another of his abilities.