Abi Loutoo

NXTa Cello
Joni Fatora, Eddy Bayes, Solo Artist - Abi.L.ity
 “NS Design is at the forefront and future of string instruments, the eco-friendly charge of the NXTa along with its clear tone and portability make it a must have!”

—Abi Loutoo

Abi’s recent work includes stints with Kim Burrell, Ghetto Youths International, DWayne Saint Orbin Bennett, Daniel Landers, The Pushers Music Group, Dayson, Eddy Bayes, Tad Nicol, Muir, Justina Shandler, Jason Matthews, Brittany Mullen, Leroy Sanchez, Stephen, and more. Tours with Joni Fatora, Eddy Bayes, and with Eddy Bayes opening for The Morning Of….