Nick Cañas

The NS Design WAV RADIUS bass is beautifully made, with some of my favorite features including the di-radial body shape, the custom EMG pickup, the bridge system, and the action I am able to achieve with this bass. I have never been able to achieve my personal “perfect action” on another bass, which makes my RADIUS bass my favorite bass of all time! I truly love my NS Design WAV RADIUS 5 string bass so much that I modified my personal bass with a beautiful hand-designed custom aged pearl pickguard. The pickguard is an excellent touch that highlights my personality perfectly. The conversation starters that this bass allows for is amazing as well. I love talking to everyone who comments on my RADIUS bass whether it be online or after a performance. I guarantee a NS Design bass will be with me on all of my bass-related projects from here on out!

—Nick Cañas

Nick Cañas is a multi-instrumentalist from south Texas who has been playing a variety of instruments over the past decade of his life. Coming from a background of jazz and metal, Cañas has been able to channel these influences through the NS Design RADIUS bass guitar while playing in the instrumental progressive band Nautilus vs. Pangolin and solo project, Sanac. Being a multi-instrumentalist with many influences from a wide variety of musical genres and styles, Cañas has been able to interpret the bass guitar in a unique way that contributes to the overall style of his playing that can go from a heavy hitting high-distortion sound to smooth, melodic bass lines that takes the listener on a roller-coaster ride of grooves. Cañas is also a content creator who makes covers, playthroughs, instructional videos, and reviews which all highlight his interpretation of the bass guitar.