The Cello Doll

I want quality to be at the core of every musical project, which was crucial when seeking out an electric cello. The NS Design name stood out in my research, and its tone far exceeded my expectations. On its most neutral setting, I still found the tone to be resonant, clear, and vibrant. Additionally, the frame strap system allows me to stand and walk around as I play. This is an opportunity I never thought I would get as a cellist, and it gives my stage presence way more potential!

—The Cello Doll

Based in New York City, The Cello Doll is a conservatory-trained cellist that is giving classical music an edge. As a crossover artist, her mission is to make classical music relatable to modern audiences and the popular genres of today. With her self-produced music videos, The Cello Doll juxtaposes popular works with music from her classical upbringing. As an arranger and composer, The Cello Doll has created original mash-ups and covers, ranging anywhere from Game of Thrones and Disney to Beethoven and Brahms. In August 2018 The Cello Doll made her debut on Instagram, reaching over 12K followers in her first year and using her growing YouTube channel to showcase her multimedia projects. Using social media as her stage, The Cello Doll has been recruiting a growing audience and fan-base that she has lovingly named her “dolls.”