Tony Levin

CR Double Bass, CR Cello
Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, The Levin Brothers and many, many others.......
Last December I got to do one of those ‘bucket list’ things… went to Northern Chile to visit the ESO Telescope array, and photograph the stars. It was very moving, and before I even came home I’d decided to string my photos together as a video and write music to it. Back in my home studio I quickly laid down the music ideas that had come to me in the mountains, using the NS cello as lead (both in the moody early section and in the credits where I allowed myself to rock out!) Then did some keyboard, some vocal, and reached for the NS bass to give it the lows it deserved. Once again, those instruments were ideal for letting me record the music and feel I had in mind, with super fidelity and no fuss.

—Tony Levin

Interview – Tony Levin