• Eyvind Axelson

    Eyvind Axelson and Norwegian Death Metal outfit Diskord release their newest album Degenerations.

    Bassist and vocalist Eyvind Axelson handles the low end with his NS CR5F Omni Bass, combining complex picked passages along with ominous bowing techniques.  Check out Diskord’s newest single The Endless Spiral from the album Degenerations on Transcending Obscurity Records.

    This play-through video features Eyvind performing progressive technical passages with amazing bowing and percussive techniques on his NS CR5 Fretted Omni Bass.

    “The Endless Spiral is a song about the unfathomable abyss of time that we all travel through. It deals with the seemingly endless, meaningless, cycles of matter, contrasted with our own meager existences. – Metal Injection


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  • Gianni Luminati of Walk Off The Earth

    NS Design Artist Gianni Luminati is one of the lead members of the multi-platinum selling indie pop act Walk off the Earth.  Since 2006 WOTE’s viral and intriguing videos have captured the world over.  Reimagining popular music’s most revered and coveted songs, Gianni and company have truly made a mark for themselves, inspiring many musicians to push the envelope of creativity by implementing non-traditional instruments in non-traditional roles of pop music.

    Gianni says, “We have always been a huge fan of the Steinberger Electric Bass Guitar. When we found out Ned had started a new endeavor with NS Design, we were intrigued. We knew his attention to sound quality and detail was something we would see when we got our hand on these instruments.”

    Check out Gianni and Walk Off The Earth joining Lisa Loeb on her 90’s smash hit Stay.

    Gianni plays the WAV4 Omni Bass, WAV5 RADIUS Bass Guitar and the NXT5a Fretted Electric Cello.


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  • Featured Artist: Donald Waugh

    Donald Waugh, multi-instrumentalist and one-man-band wonder, is embarking on his first world tour in June.  Starting in Nashville, Tennessee, he will continue on to many European cities throughout the summer. Be sure to check out Donald’s amazingly charming and thoughtful songs live.  His newest release “Feel Brand New” and all tour dates available at his website https://donaldwaugh.com/.

    Donald plays the NS WAVc Omni Bass.

    Check out his review of the Omni Bass and hear his looping genius covering Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” in this YouTube Video.

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