Danusha Waskiewicz

We were honored to receive this video from Danusha Waskiewicz, a violinist and violist from Germany, who performed Benjamin Yusupov’s “Viola Tango Rock Concerto” with the Tonkünstler Orchestra in St. Polten, Austria, this past October.  The piece specifically calls for the soloist to improvise on the electric viola.  Danusha switches between the acoustic and electric instruments with ease and achieves a remarkably consistent tone between the fourth and fifth parts of the performance, as she returns to the acoustic instrument.

Danusha Waskiewicz was born in Würzburg, Germany, in 1973.  She studied the violin with Walter Forchert and the viola with Tabea Zimmerman and has received awards from the German Viola Society and from the ARD Music Contest, Germany’s largest classical music competition.  She is a member of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, of the string quintet the Mahler Soloists, and of the Orchestra Mozart.

Danusha writes:

Finally I can send you the link of the Yusupov Viola Tango Rock Concert. In part 4 there you can listen to the electric viola. I hope you enjoy, I did, even though it was the first time of performing this instrument. NS Design was mentioned in the program and in the end credits of the concert recording.

All the best, thanks again for your support!


You can see the video of Danusha’s performance on the NS Viola below.  Follow this link to see the entire concerto on YouTube.