FATMAGIC: Unique NS instruments for a unique band

NS Design is pleased to announce its endorsement by the European electronic group FATMAGIC. Our company recently provided the duo with two custom made instruments: a CR5 violin and a CR4 cello, both with a unique white finish.

FATMAGIC’s ongoing “Connecting Continents” international tour showcases the duo’s cutting-edge blend of techno and electronica. Radina Tara Vel’s vocals and Madmax Fiddler’s and live programming merge with their performances on the NS cello and violin, creating soundscapes that are drawing acclaim throughout Europe and North America.


We discovered NS Design about a year ago and were immediately captured by the amazing sound and stylish look of those instruments. With or without effects, both instruments—cello and violin—sound amazing, and the fabulous surprise to us was that there is no need of any special EQ-ing or pre-amping. Just plug them in and they sound awesome right away. The Polar pickup system gives you the freedom you need to adjust the pickup to your technique, which is an outstanding flexibility we’ve never experienced before.

A big thank you to the whole NS Design team!

Check out FATMAGIC online at http://fatmagicmusic.com/, and visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FATMAGIC.