Good ergonomics makes good music

Dave Rowe, leader of the Maine-based Dave Rowe trio and a good friend of NS Design, recently began using the Boomerang Shoulder Strap on his Steinberger Synapse guitar. Not only has it made the instrument more comfortable to play, Dave says the improved ergonomics have made his playing better:

“It has been about six months since I have been using the Boomerang on my Steinberger Synapse guitar, and the difference it has made in the ergonomics of the guitar is nothing short of astonishing. I took a semester of classical guitar in college which made me realize how important ergonomics are to proper playing position. I remember my teacher telling me that any muscle tension anywhere on the body will translate into the music somehow.

The Boomerang Shoulder Strap

“I never realized how much effort we guitar players expend on merely holding the instrument in the optimum playing position until the Boomerang started doing it for me. My playing has improved since I have been using this and as a side benefit, the chronic tennis elbow I had been suffering for over a year disappeared within two weeks of using the Boomerang.


“The Boomerang is a truly transcendent device which should find its way into wide use and could be a significant ergonomic benefit to most any solid body instrument.”


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