Happy New Year from NS Design!

2011 was a terrific year, and Ned Steinberger and the entire NS Design team want to say thank you, and give a shout out, to all the great artists who inspired us along the way. This includes big thanks to Tony Levin, Les Claypool, Sean O’Bryan Smith, Eric Mingus, Tony Cimorosi, Laurie Anderson, Charles Yang, Adam Baldych, John Burgess, Jenn Adams, Jason Yang, Anthony Cooperwood, Jeremy Arrowood, Morwenna Lasko, Matt Osborne, Marc Langis, FATMAGIC, Dr. Gregory Walker, Teresa Jenkins-Russ, Scott Laird, Gary Kuo, Jeff Byrd, Rob Wasserman, Reed Jones, Taylor Hope—among many other exciting and phenomenal players. Check our artist roster to learn more about the wide range of representative artists who make music on our instruments.

Special thanks to those artists who sent us or posted videos of their performances on NS instruments this year. You guys blew our socks off, and we can’t resist sharing a few of these again!

Adam Baldych

John Burgess

Charles Yang

Gustaf Fjelstrom


Jason Yang



New NXT Models

Performances like these, and feedback from you, are what inspire us to develop new instruments. This year, we introduced two new models to the NS Design NXT series, which is priced for the working pro and brings the expressive possibilities of electric strings to more musicians than ever before.


The NXT Cello

Since we introduced the NXT cello almost a year ago, cellists around the world have been discovering the potential of the electric cello. Hand crafted in the Czech Republic from maple and ebony, the NXT Cello features NS Design’s patented Polar™ pickup system and JackPot™ circuitry, and delivers a rich, full tone and an extremely comfortable and versatile stage or studio playing experience.




The NXT Violin

This great new instrument follows in the footsteps of the NXT bass and cello, offering world-class quality to the violinist who is serious about amplified or studio performance. Featuring NS Design’s Polar™ pickup system and JackPot™ circuitry, the NXT delivers exquisite tone and—as one of the lightest production electric violins in its class—exceptional comfort. It’s the ideal instrument for the working professional and committed amateur alike.


Stay connected in 2012!

This coming year, keep up with exciting news about our instruments and the musicians who play them! Use the links above to follow us on Facebook and be sure to check out our YouTube channel for great performance on some of the coolest electric instruments available today.