Review: Just Bass It

Review: Bass Musician Magazine

There are very few people who deserve a place at the very top table of bass design – the game-changers, the designers and the inspired individuals whose innovations became globally accepted as standard – but Ned Steinberger is definitely one of them.

Guitar & Bass Magazine

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Steinberger has once again pushed the boundaries of interesting features while at the same time enhancing a bassist’s overall comfort and interaction with an instrument. The CR5 Radius bass is an engineering feat: It’s a blend of elegant form and practical purpose, with an array of dizzyingly meticulous details.

Premier Guitar

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Once again, NS Design brings something new to the table with the ultra-cool Radius CR Bass. The build quality is excellent, the design is forward-leaning yet traditionally rooted, and it’s a pleasure to play. Its split personality works great in piezo or magnetic mode, and the blend of the two opens up uncharted tonal possibilities.

Bass Player Magazine

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