JackPot potentiometer receives patent

NS Design is pleased to announce that our high-performance JackPot™ volume control has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,253,007. Invented by Ned Steinberger, the JackPot is a combination potentiometer and rotary switch. It allows the player to bypass an instrument’s volume and tone circuitry, delivering a stronger signal, richer sound, and greater overall intensity.

Most players don’t realize that when you rotate a conventional passive volume pot fully clockwise for maximum volume, it still bleeds a portion of the signal to ground. As a result the output level never reaches the full volume the instrument is capable of delivering. The JackPot overcomes this liability. Now players can run full on, with the pickups wired directly to the output jack, yet still have a trusty volume knob to back off instantly when needed.

“If you looking for brighter highs and deeper bass response from your instrument,” says electric instrument designer Ned Steinberger, “then the JackPot should be of interest to you. It’s time to break through the limitations of conventional passive circuitry with this patented new twist on potentiometer and circuit design.

The JackPot is standard equipment on the NXT Violin, NXT Cello, and NXT Double Bass.

JackPot potentiometers will be available for guitar and other instruments from Stewart MacDonald, beginning later this Fall. The JackPot also comes standard with the Realist docking station from David Gage.