LOVING the NXT Cello

Vermont-based cellist Monique Citro just wrote us to say how much she loves performing with her NXT Cello.  We’re psyched to have artists like Monique reaping the benefits of electric strings with our instruments!  Have a look at her website, http://citrocello.com.


I just wanted to let you know how much I am LOVING and enjoying my new NXT electric cello. I just can’t get over how “cello like” it sounds.   It has taken me a couple of months to get used to it, but now that I have it is a breeze to play.  I realized that once I could get past the effort of having to try to get sound OUT, I could now focus on performance and it has been a blast!!!

I play with a amazingly talented singer/songwriter by the name of Gregory Douglass.  We have been touring around the Northeast for most of the summer and I can’t tell you how great it is to have this little case to carry around now!!!  I have attached the title track from our new album “Lucid” filmed in our hometown of Burlington VT.

Thank you for making such a fantastic instrument.


Monique Citro

Check out this video of Monique performing with singer/songwriter Gregory Douglass: