NS Artist Tony Cimirosi Interview with For Bass Players Only

NS Artist Tony Cimirosi bowing a CR Electric Upright Bass

In the most recent For Bass Players Only interview, NS Artist Tony Cimirosi talks about his 30 plus years in the New York music scene, his early days in Boston at Berklee and later at the Contemporary School of Music; he describes how he first met NS founder Ned Steinberger, and a bit of the meaning behind the his latest album Change at West 4th Street.  Among other topics, Cimirosi gives advice for anyone who wants to learn to play bass.

Read the full interview on the For Bass Players Only website here.

Check out Tony’s latest album Change at West 4th Street here.

For more information on the CR Upright Bass that Tony plays visit this link: https://thinkns.com/instrument/ns-design-electric-upright-bass/ns-design-electric-upright-bass-cr/