NS Design Adds CR4 to Radius Bass Guitar Lineup by Kevin Johnson of NoTreble.com.


Bass enthusiast Kevin Johnson of NoTreble.com is certainly excited about the new CR4 Radius Bass Guitar from NS Design.

NS Design Adds CR4 to Radius Bass Guitar Lineup by Kevin Johnson of NoTreble.com:

Following up on the introduction of the NS Radius Bass Guitar last year, NS Design has announced the CR4 Radius bass. The newest addition to the line is a 4-string version of the Czech Republic-made headless model.

Similar to the CR5 Radius, the CR4 features bolt-on construction with the company’s Fusion one-piece maple neck, which features an embedded continuous carbon fiber core and adjustable truss rod. It’s matched with a Diradial body, which has is radiused on the front and back for comfort and playability. The fingerboard is ebony.

The tuning system is also carried over with a special aluminum headplate with ball end mounting slots and a self-clamping tuning system on the bridge end of the bass. The system accepts regular ball-end strings and does not require special tools.

The CR4’s pickups were made in collaboration with EMG and include a pair of magnetic pickups and a piezo. They’re paired with an 18V on-board preamp with a master volume control, Bass and Treble controls, a magnetic/piezo pickup blend, a 3-position magnetic pickup selector switch, and a 3-position EQ for the piezo.

The NS Design CR4 Radius Bass Guitar will be available fretted or fretless with a retail price of $3,600.