CR RADIUS Bass Guitar


The instrument purchase includes a deluxe gig bag, owner’s manual and tool kit.

NS Fusion headless bolt-on neck, Diradial body, patented NS tuning system, NS/EMG Integral Pickup System w/18v active preamp. 8.6 lbs.

While the NS RADIUS Bass Guitar carries forward the heritage of the headless design which was pioneered by Ned Steinberger, it also takes the bass guitar to an entirely new level of performance, playability and aesthetic appeal.

Meticulously crafted in the Czech Republic, the RADIUS Bass Guitar embodies a breadth of experience, insight, and design brilliance which only Ned Steinberger can bring to the creation of a new classic. His approach to the RADIUS, as with every new instrument, was to re-explore each facet of a bass guitar, leading to innovations such as the Fusion neck, the Diradial™ body design, the NS tuning system, and the NS/EMG™ pickup system. However, what makes this instrument most remarkable is its seamless integration of feature, form and function.

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For all specifications for this instrument please visit this link: The CR RADIUS Bass Guitar

Dimensions: CR4 CR5
Overall Length 41.5″ 42.25″
Body Length 20.8″ 20.8″
Neck scale 34″ 35″
Neck radius 15″ 15″
Weight 8.4lbs 8.6lbs
Bridge Spacing 19mm 18mm
Nut Width 1.60″ 1.85″
12th Fret Width 2.19″ 2.54″


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