CRT Electric Upright Bass


The instrument purchase includes a CR Bass End Pin Stand, deluxe gig bag, owner’s manual and tool kit.

NS Design’s CRT Upright Bass is the “Traditional” version of the bass and is set up to satisfy the needs of the upright bassist. The standard 106 cm acoustic upright scale length is preserved to insure that fingering and string tension will be consistent with acoustic instruments. While the neck shape is traditional, the small body allows unrestricted access to the upper register of the fingerboard. A small brass button on the back of the neck provides a tactile reference for the traditional “D neck” position. Dot markers provide effective intonation reference.

NS Electric Traditional Double Bass Strings by D’Addario™, specially designed for NS basses, are standard on CRT models. These deliver a classic upright tone, warm and percussive, with a great response to the bow. The bridge is raised to lift the strings above the fingerboard for action typical of the acoustic upright. Higher string tension and action make it possible to “dig in” like on an acoustic, with reserves of rich sound that can be eased back for a traditional tone, or brought forward for exciting new sounds. 18-volt active circuit by EMG™ with rotary controls for volume, balance, treble EQ, bass EQ.

4-String (E-G)

5-String (Low B-G)

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