Under the Stage: NS Basses in the Orchestra Pit

NS instruments deliver outstanding performance both in the out of the spotlight.  Two NS bassists (both playing the CR5M electric upright bass) have distinguished themselves in great performances under the stage — in the orchestra pit.

Anthony Cooperwood, until recently bassist for Cirque du Soleil’s “Dralion” show, sent us this fascinating night-vision video of his performance in the orchestra pit underneath the acrobats.  Unlit except for the occasional flash of a spotlight, Anthony shreds in lockstep with the rest of his ensemble in their unique performance.

Also this week, NoTreble.com featured an online profile of NS artist Jonathan Moody.  A versatile multi-instrumentalist, Moody performs in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area, where he is a first-choice bass player for musical theater productions and also provides consulting assistance to musical directors.  Moody’s versatility comes from his diverse musical background:

Never one to turn down a gig in his younger years, Jon found himself playing funk, rock, jazz, dixieland, and even backed a bell choir and polka band. Drawing from his experiences has given Jon a unique voice on the instrument, the ability to sit in the background and fully support the style he is performing, and yet keep a whimsical attitude present in every note he plays.

Read more about him on www.justmoody.com.