Yes I play a Steinberger (old & new)

We’ve just sent a formal mailing announcing this blog to the thousands of people who’ve signed up to be on NS Design’s mailing list over the years.  We’ve had some great letters from musicians whose careers Ned’s instruments have shaped.  Bassist Jonn Stevens wrote a touching note about his Steinberger bass and his NS Bass Cello.

Good Day All,

Yes I play a Steinberger…. I have in my possession a rare 1985 XP2 4 string Bass with active EMG’s (yup !!! that is the way it came from the factory).  Yes it was purchased back in that year so long ago (and I’m the original owner) and it still plays as well now as is it did back then, and I still play today. That bass has seen all of North America and parts of Europe and the Far East. It has racked up over a million miles and is still going. But that is another story.

But as time moved on so did I, and I got a new Steinberger…. an NS Designs Bass Cello 5 string tuned low. Ned has once again lived up to his word….. this is a fine instrument worthy of the name.

I play a lot of country & bluegrass mixed with blues & jazz so it is quite a mix. This bass handles it all.  A number of people have seen me play and I walk in with this bass and they look at me rather strangely and as they go to ask me “what is it ???” I say wait and listen then you’ll see, and as I start to play and they hear that richness & depth when I run down not up….. they are stunned at the sound, so rich, so full so sweet and deep. I catch them by surprise, they look at me and I smile nod once and they go away with a whole new outlook on Bass.

I am part of a Trio ( Guitar, Bass, & Vocals ) and yes we are all Canadian. I will try and get some sound bytes your way so you can hear and maybe a pic or two for you to see.  It’s like father & son—both of these basses are phenomenal in both appearance & sound and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. So I’m a Die Hard….. so sue me !!!!  Once you play a Steinberger…. You won’t want to play anything else.

Ciao, Jonn

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