You name it!

NS Design is coming out with a great new line of electric bowed instruments, and we want to give the line a great name to match. It’s not a CR. It’s not a WAV. It’s a _____? Suggest the winning name to us and win one of the instruments for your own!

NS Design will award one of the new instruments to the first person to send us the winning name. Entrants may submit their suggestions online until June 15th.

Designed by Ned Steinberger, the instruments will be produced in the Czech Republic at the same facilities that make NS Design’s flagship CR series of instruments. The new instruments will incorporate the same styling and workmanship as the CR series, but use more cost effective materials and passive pickup technology to bring the price in at midway between the CR and WAV series.

NS design will put the new bass into production first, with additional instruments to follow.

Contest rules: Void where prohibited. All entries must be submitted online at In the event that more than one person has suggested the winning name, the first person to make the suggestion (as shown by the timestamp on the entry) will be the winner. NS Design reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time, and also reserves the right not to select any one of the entries submitted. Awarding of the instrument is contingent on its successful production, scheduled for late summer 2009 but subject to delay or cancellation.