NS Design Introduces High Tech Alternative to Ebony and Rosewood Fingerboards


NS Design Introduces High Tech Alternative to Ebony and Rosewood Fingerboards

NOBLEBORO, MAINE (December 1, 2017) – Responding to the growing combined challenge to the sustainability of traditional fingerboard hardwoods and maintaining excellent playability, NS Design is introducing the new Coform™ fingerboard on its WAV series electric upright basses, Omni basses and cellos. Featuring the engineered pairing of traditional maple and high tech acrylic, the Coform fingerboard is molded to deliver the same consistent feel and easy playability that are standard on all NS instruments. Jet black, and finished with a matte surface, the Coform fingerboard has an ebony-like appearance, but offers less friction than wood, for an even faster feel.

Unlike a conventional fingerboard, the Coform fingerboard is of uniform thickness. Following the precisely shaped top surface of the maple neck, the result is an ideal playing surface, harder and more durable than ebony or rosewood. Its concentric geometry also helps to stabilize the neck, reducing the effect of changes in temperature and humidity.

Tone and feel are of the ultimate importance for any fingerboard. The uniform acrylic surface of the Coform fingerboard enhances harmonic content, strengthening the lows and extending the highs for a fuller, more dynamic, articulated and sustained response. Great playability, in combination with extraordinary tone quality, allow players of all stripes to realize their highest level of performance.

Key advantages of Coform include:

·       Sleek, attractive appearance

·       Familiar feel and performance

·       Stable neck, low maintenance

·       Superior resistance to wear and abrasion

·       Precision asymmetrical relief

·       Even response for all notes (no dead spots)

·       Well-defined articulation, cuts through the mix

·       Great sustain and “bloom” for the bassist

·       Preservation of protected natural resources

·       Freedom from regulatory concerns with international travel or transfer of ownership

More information regarding all NS Design instruments is available at https://thinkNS.com.


NS Design was founded in 1990 by noted inventor/innovator Ned Steinberger. Within its EU, CR, NXT and WAV series, NS offers a variety of exciting bass guitars, bowed orchestral string instruments and supporting accessories to inspire serious enthusiasts and professionals alike. NS Design is headquartered in Nobleboro, Maine, with distribution worldwide. For more information, call +1 (207) 563-7705, email info@nedsteinberger.com