Matthew Schoening

Imagine a warm safe blanket of inspirational and healing sound that gently washes over the audience. Being in the audience, you may want to close your eyes and go on a vivid journey. Other times you may want to dance and move to the deep drum and bass grooves that lay a strong foundation underneath your experience. Or, you may simply want to watch how the music you are hearing is being created live through a unique, seemingly-effortless technique of playing cello with the final touch of commanding cutting-edge music technology.

Whether you are thirsty for a spiritual and healing sonic experience or you are hungry for a technical performance of original compositions, Matthew delivers. His albums are award-winning, and he has toured the world with his “Solo Electric Cello” for almost a decade. Able to tune into the deep healing and inspirational power of music in the present moment, Matthew steps out of the way and fully into the experience as he allows this energy to flow through him, taking the audience on the journey together.

In addition to Music, Matthew holds space for people in other ways. Being quite the Chinese Tea Enthusiast, he has traveled all over the world learning about traditional teas and how to serve them. Using tea as medicine, Matthew will be happy to take you on quite a journey of the senses with his tea ceremonies, which he often pairs with concerts for small groups.