Patrick Cupples

I was looking for an upright that would accurately recreate the tone of my old Kay upright, but was easier to transport and would allow me to be more interactive in our stage shows. The NS Design NXT not only fit that bill, but made me a fan of the instrument from day one. I play and record with the the NXT exclusively for No Time Flatt. It is the upright bass of the 21st century.

—Patrick Cupples

Patrick has been playing music for the majority of his life. He began learning percussion instruments and quickly became a drummer exploring all genres. After leaving music for a short time, Patrick began to explore the upright bass playing bluegrass music in 1999. He loves the upright because it gives him the hybrid feel of being able to play melody along with keeping time and grooving the rhythm. The NS Design uprights allow Patrick to control his tone and action depending on what style he’s playing. He says, “The versatility and the tone of these instruments is incredible.”