NS Accessories and Strings Price Lists

Instrument Support

Model Description MSRP
NS CR-ACR Adjustable Chin Rest $180
NS BSR Balanced Shoulder Rest $225
NS CR-CSR    Custom Shoulder Rest $85
NS VC Violin Caddy (attaches to microphone stand) $170
NS VWD Violin/Viola Wall Display (attaches to slat wall hanger) $85
NS CR-CEPS Cello End Pin Stand $380
NS NS CR-BSS-OB The Boomerang Strap System $200
NS CR-FSS-CODB The Frame Strap System for Cello and Bass $255
NS CR-BEPS Bass End Pin Stand $235
NS CR-BEPS-CK Bass End Pin Stand Conversion Kit $105
NS CR-TS CR Tripod Stand For Cello and Double Bass $295
NS NXT-CO-TS NXT Cello Tripod Stand $145
NS NXT-DB-TS NXT/WAV Double Bass Tripod Stand $160
NS Cello Thumbstop Cello Neck Heel Rest $120
NS Bass Thumbstop Bass Neck Heel Rest $120

Cases and Gig Bags

NS CR-VN-FC Violin/Viola Flight case $950
NS CR-FC-OBCO Omni Bass/Cello Flight case $1,015
NS CR-FC-DB Double Bass Flight case $1,015
NS SVNC  Standard Violin Case $160
Model Description MSRP
NS CR-CO-GB CR Cello Gig Bag $130
NS CR-OB-GB CR Omni Bass Gig Bag $235
NS CR-DB-GB CR Double Bass Gig Bag $235
NS NXT-CO-GB NXT Cello Gig Bag $95
NS NXT-OB-GB NXT Omni Bass Gig Bag $105
NS NXT-DB-GB NXT Double Bass Gig Bag $105


Model Description MSRP
NS VBN   Violin Composite Bow $205
NS CB   Cello Composite Bow $265
NS BB-FS   Bass Composite Bow, French Style $345
NS BB-GS   Bass Composite Bow, German Style $345

NS Electric String Sets

Model Description MSRP
NSFW610 NS Electric Contemporary 4 String Double Bass Set $249
NS4RW Round Wound 4 String Double Bass Set (solid steel core) $72
NS5RW Round Wound 5 String Double Bass Set (solid steel core) $105
NS610 NS Electric Traditional 4 String Double Bass Set $249
NS710 NS Electric Omni Bass 4 String Set $234
NS510 NS Electric Cello 4 String Set $227
NS410 NS Electric Viola 4 String Set $93
NS310 NS Electric Violin 4 String Set $67


Individual Strings

Model Description MSRP
NSFW617    NS Electric Contemporary High C Bass String $40
NSFW616    NS Electric Contemporary Low B Bass String $76
NS617 NS Electric Traditional High C Bass String $40
NS616    NS Electric Traditional Low B Bass String $76
NS715 NS Electric High C Omni Bass String $33
NS716 NS Electric Low B Omni Bass String $91
NS515 NS Electric High E Cello String $44
NS516 NS Electric Low F Cello String $91
NS415 NS Electric High E Viola String $16
NS315 NS Electric Low C Violin String $32