B-Stock CR4M Upright Bass Amber Satin ID#B244

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4 String. 100% Performance – Cosmetic Flaws

CR4M Upright Bass Amber Satin ID#B244

Serial Number 102648

The instrument purchase includes a gig bag, CR Tripod Stand, tool kit, owner’s manual and one year limited warranty.

  • Optional NS accessories include: German or French Bass Bow, Bass End Pin Stand, CR Stand Conversion Kit (works with CR Tripod Stand), Bass Neck Heel (Thumbstop), Frame Strap System, Boomerang™Strap System, Flight Case.


  • repaired flaw in fingerboard (dent / divot at repair area)
  • Thomastic strings are installed on bass
  • Purchase includes a complimentary set of NS Contemporary Bass Strings by D’Addario™

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The CRM Series electric upright bass, with its exceptional versatility and tone quality, is an indispensable tool for a wide range of bassists. The lean, solid-body CRM Series bass takes its place in a long history of fine instruments crafted in the Czech Republic.

  • EMG™ magnetic pickups expand the range to include classic electric bass sounds. These low-impedance EMG pickups incorporate individually adjustable coils and neodymium magnets. Each coil is buffered separately for a full sound quality with very low noise.
  • The CRM Series neck and body are made from select maple.
  • The full scale fingerboard is graduated for consistent response from note to note, with adjustable relief and bridge height to suit all playing styles.
  • Our Polar™ Bridge Pickup System combines great sound with directional sensitivity, for a rich and expressive response to arco and pizzicato technique.
  • Controls include volume, a blend control for magnetic and piezo pickups, the mode of the Polar pickup direction, and individual treble EQ & bass EQ controls. The 18-volt power supply insures plenty of reserve overhead for full dynamics.


LENGTH: 132 cm (52″)

WEIGHT: 4.8 kg (10.5 lbs.)

SCALE LENGTH: 106 cm (41.73″)

CONSTRUCTION: Solid rock maple neck and body, flame maple face.

FINISH: Traditional amber stain with clear semi-gloss polymer coating.

FINGERBOARD: Hand graduated, asymmetric relief, cascading dot pattern for position reference; 43.1mm (1.7″) wide at nut; 89.0mm (3.5″) max. width.

BRIDGE: Hard maple; radius 7.9cm (3.1″) string spacing 81mm (3.19″).

NUT: Radius 7.9cm (3.1″); string spacing 30mm (1.19″).

BRIDGE PICKUP: The Polar directional piezo pickup system responds selectively to either vertical vibration (for the sustained plucked sound, like an electric bass guitar), or lateral vibration (for dynamic bowing, and a percussive plucked sound).

MAGNETIC PICKUP (for CR4M): Low impedance EMG magnetic pickup system, with individually adjustable coils, neodymium magnets and low noise, hum-canceling preamp. Produces smooth pizzicato tone not unlike an electric bass guitar. (Magnetic pickups are not recommended for bowing.)

ELECTRONICS: 18-volt active circuit by EMG. Mono output.

CONTROLS: (top to bottom)

  • Volume
  • Balance – counterclockwise for magnetic pickup, clockwise for Polar bridge pickup, center for both
  • Balance – counterclockwise for optimal pizzicato (plucked, sustained) sound, clockwise for optimal arco (bowed and percussive plucked) sound, center for both
  • Treble – boost and cut
  • Bass – boost and cut

TRUSS ROD: Powerful truss rod allows positive relief to provide optimal action.

TUNING MACHINES: Premium grade worm gear tuners; black finish.

STRINGS: Equipped with NS Contemporary Bass Strings by D’Addario.  Compatible with most standard upright bass strings.

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