Gustaf Fjelstrom endorses NS Design

We are honored to announce our endorsement by the innovative San Francisco-based CR5 Omni Bass player Gustaf Fjelstrom.  Gustaf is a multi-faceted artist, trained in illustration and graphic design, now spending part of his time providing creative direction for various forms of new media.  Introduced to the accordion as a child, he took up the bass in high school and never looked back.

Gustaf’s intense explorations of the Omni Bass’s abilities—through subtle arco and pizzicato playing, looping, and post-processing—demonstrate the instrument’s vast potential and reveal his own intense creativity.  Check out this clip of his solo performance:



We’re delighted that Gustaf has chosen to play one of our instruments, and we’re looking forward to his future work. To learn more about his many creative endeavors, visit his website, and consider ordering or downloading a copy of his album, “Metamesmeric”.