• Nick Cañas

    We are pleased to welcome Nick Cañas to our roster of NS Artists! Cañas is a multi-instrumentalist from south Texas. Coming from a background of jazz and metal, Cañas has been able to channel these influences through the WAV RADIUS bass guitar (with his custom pick guard – which we LOVE!).

    Check out his high-energy metal outfit Nautilus vs. Pangolin who are currently recording their upcoming release.

    Cañas is also a content creator who makes covers, playthroughs, instructional videos, and reviews which all highlight his interpretation of the bass guitar.

    “The NS Design WAV RADIUS bass is beautifully made, with some of my favorite features including the di-radial body shape, the custom EMG pickup, the bridge system, and the action I am able to achieve with this bass. I have never been able to achieve my personal “perfect action” on another bass, which makes my RADIUS bass my favorite bass of all time! I truly love my NS Design WAV RADIUS 5 string bass so much that I modified my personal bass with a beautiful hand-designed custom aged pearl pickguard.” – Nick Cañas

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  • Jair-Rohm Parker Wells

    Jair-Rohm Parker Wells has taken the electric upright bass to new heights and vistas. For more than twenty years, he has shared his “Loopadelica” (the method of improvising on and processing the bass live) with audiences on five continents.  Jair-Rohm’s eclectic approach to the practical application of sophisticated electronics with the electric upright bass propels his newest collaboration FlowSonic to the outer limits of originality.

    “My newest bass is the black satin NXTa RADIUS Bass Guitar. Again, Ned Steinberger is way ahead of the game redefining what a bass guitar is and can be. Aside from being a superbly crafted instrument in all respects, this bass is powered by “green energy”. The bass is fitted with  battery-free Dual Mode Output electronics made for NS by Mi-Si™. That’s right: active electronics without batteries. Read all about this remarkable technology here.”

    Jair-Rohm plays WAV and NXTa Upright Basses and CR and NXTa RADIUS Bass Guitars.

    Check out his newest jam with electronics implementing whole-tone scale improvisation.


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  • Featured Artist: Jamaaladeen Tacuma

    Recently awarded this year’s Benny Golson Award by Mayor Jim Kenney of Philaldelphia, PA, renowned jazz bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma, presents the fourth annual Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Festival. This year’s 3-event festival continues its mission of showcasing diverse styles of risk-taking, progressive music and groundbreaking artists on April 6th, 15th and 29th for Philadelphia’s Jazz Appreciation Month. Featuring Tacuma along with headliner Ornette Coleman’s PRIME TIME led by Denardo Coleman and FREE FORM FUNKY FREQS trio with G. Calvin Weston and Guitarist Vernon Reid.

    For tickets and venues visit:  https://www.jamaaladeenmusic.com/

    Jamaaladeen plays a WAV RADIUS Bass Guitar and WAV Electric Upright Bass.

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  • Featured Artist: Noor Che’ree

    Che’ree will be on tour with EMIKO – Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Borneo Jazz Festival, World Youth Jazz Conference (Kuala Lumpur), Jakarta. For tour information visit Noor’s website at noorcheree.com.

    Noor Che’ree, in collaboration with Jonas Peterson have created the SYMPHONIC PLANET which strives to create a musical journey around the world. Catch a their latest video documentary here: symphonicplanet.com.

    Noor plays a CR RADIUS Bass Guitar and an NXT Electric Upright Bass

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