• NS Artist Michael Micucci Interview with For Bass Players Only

    In the most recent For Bass Players Only interview, NS Artist Michael Micucci talks about his childhood challenges of being homeless, how buying a bass guitar from a friend on a whim changed his life, apprenticeship with Berkelee’s Bruce Gertz while in Boston, the discipline his band The Company Stores brings to his bass playing abilities, and the promising future work he has ahead with NS Artist Bakithi Kumalo. Read More »

  • NS Artist Tony Cimirosi Interview with For Bass Players Only

    NS Artist Tony Cimirosi bowing a CR Electric Upright Bass

    In the most recent For Bass Players Only interview, NS Artist Tony Cimirosi talks about his 30 plus years in the New York music scene, his early days in Boston at Berklee and later at the Contemporary School of Music; he describes how he first met NS founder Ned Steinberger, and a bit of the meaning behind the his latest album Change at West 4th Street.  Among other topics, Cimirosi gives advice for anyone who wants to learn to play bass. Read More »

  • NS Artist Noor Che’ree’s Interview with For Bass Players Only

    NS Artist Noor Che'ree with the CR Radius Bass Guitar

    NS Artist Noor Che’ree is a multi-instrumentalist, pictured here with the CR Radius Bass Guitar.

    In his recent For Bass Players Only interview, NS Artist Noor Che’ree tells the story of his journey as a musician, how important his family has been on his path as a creative artist, and how his ongoing collaborative project with violinist and producer Jonas Petersen, called Symphonic Planet, has transformed his time in Los Angeles into the work of his dreams, traveling the world to create and search for music in it’s myriad forms.
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  • NS Artist Derek Menchan’s Interview with For Bass Players Only

    Photograph of NS Design Artist playing his EU6 Electric Upright Bass. Photo by Jamin Smith

    NS Design Artist Derek Menchan plays his EU6 Electric Upright Bass. Photo by Jamin Smith

    NS Artist Educator Derek “The Professor” Menchan is a concert cellist, bassist, composer, and college instructor of the humanities, philosophy, and music.

    In his recent For Bass Players Only interview with Jon Liebman, Derek describes the ways he performs his musical interests, combining seemingly disparate musical genres in to what he calls mruzick where “all the genres meet and do a dance together… That’s how I express myself.” Read More »

  • NS Artist Bakithi Kumalo’s NAMM Show 2020 Interview with For Bass Players Only

    Bakithi Kumalo interview with For Bass Players Only at the NS Design booth at NAMM Show 2020

    NS Artist Bakithi Kumalo sat down with For Bass Players Only at the NS Design Booth during the NAMM Show 2020 for another fun and insightful interview. Kumalo shares his simple, sage advice about what it takes to be a good bass player, his passion for mentorship, and working with students in The Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University Mentorship Program and the various logistics involved in teaching remotely.

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  • Derek Menchan

    Bassist, Concert Cellist, Multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer known by pseudonym “The Griot” – Derek Menchan is, and will always be, a genuine Renaissance man.  In addition to his musical endeavors, this college instructor of the humanities, philosophy, and music is working to achieve his doctorate degree.  On breaks between semesters and studies,  Derek sequesters himself to his studio “That Mruzick Laboratories,” for what he calls his “Arts Immersion Summers.” During these periods he creates vivid and entertaining videos using the Accapella app and developing the follow up to his debut album, The Griot Swings the Classics.

    “Having first played an NS bass well over 25 years ago, while window-shopping and dreaming, I will never forget the amazing feel—the action of the strings—and, man, I fell in love. Now, I am rather ecstatic to own two of them, a CR5M Upright Bass and EU6 Upright Bass.”

    It’s really like Nietzsche says: “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

    More on Derek . . .

  • Nick Cañas

    We are pleased to welcome Nick Cañas to our roster of NS Artists! Cañas is a multi-instrumentalist from south Texas. Coming from a background of jazz and metal, Cañas has been able to channel these influences through the WAV RADIUS bass guitar (with his custom pick guard – which we LOVE!).

    Check out his high-energy metal outfit Nautilus vs. Pangolin who are currently recording their upcoming release.

    Cañas is also a content creator who makes covers, playthroughs, instructional videos, and reviews which all highlight his interpretation of the bass guitar.

    “The NS Design WAV RADIUS bass is beautifully made, with some of my favorite features including the di-radial body shape, the custom EMG pickup, the bridge system, and the action I am able to achieve with this bass. I have never been able to achieve my personal “perfect action” on another bass, which makes my RADIUS bass my favorite bass of all time! I truly love my NS Design WAV RADIUS 5 string bass so much that I modified my personal bass with a beautiful hand-designed custom aged pearl pickguard.” – Nick Cañas

    More on Nick . . .

  • Trevor Dick

    NS Design Artist Trevor Dick and his friends partnered together to help ease our quarantine blues with “The Quaran-tune” with Trevor Dick – CR5 Electric Violin (electric violin); Johnny Nixon (electric guitar & keys); Rob Brown (drums); Jake Payne (piano) and Tim Ball (bass & keys).

    Enjoy the music and read the cool story connected with how these musicians made this tune and video happen…

    Check out the video Quaran-tune

    Trevor plays a CR5 Electric Violin

    more on Trevor . . .

  • Remember the Power of Music in Turbulent Times

    Extraordinary Instruments by Ned Steinberger

    On behalf of our worldwide community of NS Artists, Ned and the NS Design team take this moment to recognize all musicians for their power to sustain, transport and heal in tumultuous times. Your music is vital to our well-being, and we are profoundly grateful.

    Please enjoy, share, and find inspiration in these videos. We’ll endeavor to share more with you in the weeks to come.

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