• Maddy Herdeman

    NS Design welcomes cellist Maddy Herdeman to our roster of esteemed Artists.  Maddy fronts the unique chamber rock band Mystery Loves Company.  Maddy lends her powerful voice and robust cello technique along with Venezuelan born guitarist/songwriter Carlos Machado, clarinetist Alauna Rubin, drummer Danny Patterson and bassist Jeremy Dudman.  Based in Houston, Texas , Maddy and Co. have carved out exciting live performances of their original songs combining timely themes of culture, immigration, science, and theology.


    “My NS cello has a sleek design, powerful and warm sound and the unique frame strap system allows me to wear it and dance around the stage.” – Maddy Herdeman

    Maddy plays the NXT5a Cello with the NS Frame Strap System.

    Check out Mystery Loves Company’s single “Numbers and Lines”

    More about Maddy . . .

  • NS Artist Abi Loutoo – Fusing Music and Dance with her NXTa Cello

    NS Artist Abi Loutoo is a prodigious cellist and multidisciplinary artist. Her performances combine movement and music with an energy that excites the eye, ear and heart.

    At only five years old, after piano failed to spark her interest, Abi started playing the cello. Within five years she had played for Robert Cohen and appeared on television with Yo-Yo Ma in a Master Class at the World Cello Congress. Read More »

  • The Lyonn’s Roar by Julie Lyonn Lieberman – Edition Two – “String Drumming”

    Welcome to the second edition of THE LYONN’S ROAR – “String Drumming” filled with iNSights into how to inject fire into your bow by Julie Lyonn Lieberman.

    While many bowed string players focus on traditional techniques, Julie will show you how to be iNSpired to take flight, how to move and groove.  There’s a world of exiting possibilities you can add to your technical grab bag.  Check it out at: http://www.stringswithoutboundaries.com/string-resources/string-blog/rhythmizing-bow.html

    Don’t forget to practice these tips using our great collection of CR, NXTa and WAV series violins at  www.thinkns.com.

  • The Lyonn’s Roar by Julie Lyonn Lieberman – Edition One – “Special Effects”


    Welcome to the first edition of THE LYONN’S ROAR – “Special Effects” by Julie Lyonn Lieberman.  Julie focuses on using effects with electric bowed instruments, including multi-effects processors, and how they can add “spice” to your playing and sound.  To see a video demonstration of some of the sounds you can achieve, visit Strings Without Boundaries Read More »

  • Maputo and Interlochen

    IMG_0670 Hi all –

    Last week, I had the pleasure of performing with the Intermediate Jazz Ensemble at Interlochen, under the direction of David Kay, on the David Sanborn/Bob James tune, Maputo.  The performance was a ball and the reaction to the NS Design CR4 violin in that setting was magnificent.

    There were a ton of young violinists in the audience to see the performance and I was particularly pleased that a member of the National Symphony (Washington DC) was there to hear her son perform with the band on trumpet. Following the performance she and many of the students were interested to hear more about the instrument, specifications, the strings (D’Addario NS Design Electric Strings always!), what bow I use (Coda Joule always!), amps, and other details about improvising and performing.  The pics tell the story in many ways.




  • GHS Strings announces Crossover Upright strings for NS Design Electric Upright Basses


    New for 2014, GHS is proud to introduce the Crossovers, strings designed for any bass made to the NS EUB standard, including our own NXT and CR Series of Electric Upright Basses. Nickel-Iron Alloy 52 is wound over a round core wire and then micro-ground for a smooth, upright bass feel. GHS explains that this yields a string with a deep and focused fundamental tone, suitable for those needing both contemporary and traditional sounds.

  • NS Mini Headstock Electronic Guitar Tuner Debuts

    NS Design founder Ned Steinberger’s early instrument design innovations manifested with his headless Steinberger guitar, and his work is continuing to bring exciting innovations to the market. His latest is the NS Mini Headstock Tuner, manufactured and sold by D’Addario’s Planet Waves division. Small, lightweight, and visually unobtrusive, it received “Best in Show” recognition at the Summer NAMM international trade show in Nashville, TN.  The Mini Tuner clips discretely to the headstock of a guitar or bass and senses the instrument’s tone through an ultra-responsive piezo pickup.  Ned is currently working on a clamp that will attach it to the body of a violin, ending the struggle many violinists face in attaching guitar tuners to their instruments.

    For more information about the NS Mini Headstock Tuner, read D’Addario’s press release.

    UPDATE:  Check out D’Addario’s great new video demonstration of the NS Mini Headstock Tuner: