• Katie Larson

    Cellist/vocalist/bassist/guitarist Katie Larson with her band The Accidentals are embarking on a Fall tour supporting their fourth record release Vessel.  Katie plays the NS NXT5a Electric Cello, adding both bowed melodies and plucked bass lines to her lead vocal along with vocalist/guitarist/violinist Savannah Buist and percussionist Michael Dause.


    “If I had a young musician, I would get them to an Accidentals show. They set the bar for inspiration and their concerts are vaxxed and masked. Three women all playing multiple instruments insanely well, energy off the hook, and a killer drummer holding it down, this is the show to see.” – NPR


    Be sure to catch these amazing women who’s compositions and performances tie together the spirit of their journey during the past two years.  Tour Dates.

    Photograph of Katie Larson playing her NXT5a Electric Cello with The Accidentals.

    Katie Larson playing her NXT5a Electric Cello with The Accidentals.

    Captured in April 2021, at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival their poignant and touching tune Might As Well Be Gold brings together beautiful folk harmonies with rolling changes and rhythms.


    “We wrote Might As Well Be Gold as a reminder of what we have in the midst of what we have lost… there is so much to be thankful for even in the darkest hour, finding gratitude every day keeps the depression at bay and gives us a sense of hope and purpose. It’s part of our mental health improvement program over Covid. It’s one of those things that we will carry forward as we exit this space and continually adjust to new situations.” – The Accidentals


    Check out the reviews from The Accidentals latest release Vessel in Localspins and Northern Express publications.



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  • Eyvind Axelson

    Eyvind Axelson and Norwegian Death Metal outfit Diskord release their newest album Degenerations.

    Bassist and vocalist Eyvind Axelson handles the low end with his NS CR5F Omni Bass, combining complex picked passages along with ominous bowing techniques.  Check out Diskord’s newest single The Endless Spiral from the album Degenerations on Transcending Obscurity Records.

    This play-through video features Eyvind performing progressive technical passages with amazing bowing and percussive techniques on his NS CR5 Fretted Omni Bass.

    “The Endless Spiral is a song about the unfathomable abyss of time that we all travel through. It deals with the seemingly endless, meaningless, cycles of matter, contrasted with our own meager existences. – Metal Injection


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  • CONNECTLIVE “Coffee with Ned” ZOOM Chat

    NS CONNECTLIVE with Ned Steinberger

    NS Design recently hosted another ConnectLIVE event with NS Design Founder and award winning instrument designer Ned Steinberger in a “Coffee with Ned” Zoom chat. Ned was joined by several fans, friends and NS Artists on the call in a lively and informative discussion. Check it out here! Read More »

  • Artist Voices: The CR Series RADIUS Bass Guitar

    NS Artist Voices CR Radius Bass Guitar

    Ned Steinberger’s CR Series RADIUS Bass doesn’t just advance the art of headless design, with innovations such as the Fusion neck, the DiradialTM body, the NS/EMGTM Integral Pickup System, and the remarkable NS Tuning System, it elevates the bass guitar to an entirely new level of performance and playability. Read More »

  • ARKAI’s TED Institute Performance “Letters from COVID”

    Arkai featuring CR Violinist

    TED Talk performance with Arkai featuring the CR Violin

    ARKAI features violinist Jonathan Miron on the CR Violin with cellist Philip Sheegog. Check out their passionate musical performance ‘Letters from COVID’ “our reflection on the unprecedented times we’re living through – full of both difficulty and loss as well beauty and hope.” Read More »

  • CONNECT2021 with NS Design – A Virtual Gathering

    CONNECT2021 A virtual gathering of NS Artists and Ned Steinberger

    CONNECT2021 A virtual gathering!

    NS Design recently showcased an online series of informative and entertaining events including special performances, demonstrations, and live roundtable discussions among NS Artists, and NS founder Ned Steinberger, hosted by NS Artist Relations Manager Corey Redonnett. You can see a collection of videos and demonstrations at thinkNS.com/connect.

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