Kazhargan World

Sean O’Bryan Smith (NXT4 double bass) sent us this new video of his jazz group Kazhargan World.  We absolutely love the tone Sean gets with the bass in this recording.  Kazhargan World is a virtual collaboration, created by musicians recording in Russia, Europe, and across the U.S.

Through the open gestures of talented artists from around the globe Kazhargan World is born. With a love for unity and the furthering of jazz, a unique combination of musical talents took on the distinct challenge of creating world class jazz while never being able to interact in the same room. For generations this concept seemed futile but in truth it was only waiting for the right people to accept the challenge. From Russia to Germany to across the United States of America the artists laid out their hearts and their souls for music that was bigger than them and all about heart and sounds and jazz. As the residents of Kazhargan World we invite you in and we hope you enjoy.

—Sean O’Bryan Smith

We’re also looking forward to seeing Sean and another of his jazz groups, Polcat, at the NAMM trade show in Anaheim, CA, at the end of next week.