NS Design Celebrates Omni Bass Re-Birthday

NS Design announces a new designation for the model formerly called Bass Cello. We proudly reintroduce an instrument which, in bridging the electric bass guitar and upright electric bass, is now, and more appropriately, named Omni Bass.

What’s Omni Bass all about?

The NS Omni Bass breaks through conventional barriers by integrating both acoustic and electric upright bass tonality and performance capabilities (including bowing) with the familiar 34 inch bass guitar scale. When tuned in fourths, the four and five string fretless and fretted models use identical fingering to that of the conventional bass guitar, yet deliver dynamic new plucked and bowed sound possibilities for the bassist seeking to extend expressive range. In every playing application, a beautifully resonant low end response is the essence of this remarkable bass instrument.

Some of the additional exciting features of the Omni Bass which we invite you to explore include:

  • Familiar 34” bass guitar scale
  • 4 and 5 string fretless and fretted models
  • The Polar™ Pickup System provides a natural sound with deep bass response and brilliant highs. The Polar pickup has two modes of operation: arco and pizzicato, allowing the player to control attach and decay characteristics when plucking, or to optimize for bowed response.
  • Custom designed EMG™ low impedance magnetic pickups give a smooth response with thundering bass output and lots of sweet midrange for the quintessential “electric” tone.
  • Active controls include two balance controls for unlimited mixing options for the magnetic and Polar Pickup systems. Onboard pre-amplification provides master volume, bass and treble controls.
  • The patented Boomerang Strap System allows the instrument to be placed in virtually any position, vertical or transverse, and makes the Omni Bass a nearly effortless extension of the musician’s body. An End Pin Stand is also available for fixed upright-bass-style vertical support.

For more information please visit the Omni Bass web page.