Artist Voices: The CR Series RADIUS Bass Guitar

NS Artist Voices CR Radius Bass Guitar

Ned Steinberger’s CR Series RADIUS Bass doesn’t just advance the art of headless design, with innovations such as the Fusion neck, the DiradialTM body, the NS/EMGTM Integral Pickup System, and the remarkable NS Tuning System, it elevates the bass guitar to an entirely new level of performance and playability.

Learn what makes the CR RADIUS amazing.

“The CR6 has become a new tool for the composing side of my work. I dig it. It has tonal versatility, texture, and a great sonic spectrum. The six strings allows me to play more chord voicings. It has a great sonority, works well with its deeper fullness of tone that my guitar doesn’t get, and it has warmth and clarity like the low register of a keyboard.” — Marcos Varela

Marcos Varela recording with the CR6 RADIUS for Leo P’s new song “Rapid Fire”

“They have the sound that I’ve been looking for. Very different, and very clear tone, and beautiful voice -a distinctive sound that I haven’t had from other basses.” — Bakithi Kumalo

“As an instrument maker and as a musician I chose the CR5 Radius because of its super construction and versatility. I enjoy playing different types of music such as jazz, Turkish folk and modern styles. I am thrilled to hear the different kinds of sounds from the NS Piezo System and the EMG Pickup System on my bass.” — Selim Gürcan

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