Fretted Violins

NS Design is delighted to announce delivery of the NS Fretted Electric Violin series. Created by the world renowned designer, Ned Steinberger, the fretted models are now available in both the NXT series, which features a self-powered pickup system, and the CR series, with its active electronics. The CR and NXT models are both available in 4- and 5-string configuration.

One of the first things players notice is an amazingly warm, sustained pizz sound, and enhanced sustain overall. As guitarists know, where some damping would normally occur with the string is in contact with the finger, the fret provides a “hard stop.” Violinists are also happy to discover that these instruments respond well to traditional techniques, including a satisfying glissando effect when desired.

As with all NS violins, the new NS Fretted models feature the patented NS Tuning System, noted for its remarkable precision and stability. They also feature the innovative Polar™ pick-up system, which is able to selectively capture the string vibration favored for both bow and pizzicato technique with stunning brilliance and sensitivity.

One feature of all NS violins which fretted players may particularly appreciate is the removable upper bout body segment. Providing easier access to the highest positions of the instrument, this option provides musicians with new technical performance opportunities in the highest registers.