Justin Gray: Indian Classical Music on the NXT Bass

Justin Gray has spent the past six years studying Indian classical music with Guru Shantanu Bhattacharryya in Kolkata, India.  He first traveled to India with an electric bass guitar, as it was impractical to bring a full-sized upright bass.  Discovering the NXT4 double bass gave Justin the opportunity to explore arco (bowed) performance within the Indian classical idiom.  Bowed instruments are commonly used in India, and at last he had a highly playable instrument with a rich tone that was also easily portable.

Justin sent us this video from India, describing his experiences with the NXT:

And be sure to watch this great clip of his playing.  We’re thrilled to welcome Justin as an NS Design endorsing artist and we look forward to more of his music!

Justin writes:

This is NS artist Justin Gray writing from India. This past year, it has been my great pleasure to join the NS family and start using the NS NXT 4 string bass for Indian Classical musical study and performance. It has really been a dream come true to have this instrument with me for my touring and studies here in India.

I would like to share a bit of my background as an artist, and also how I came to using the NS NXT bass, as I believe it may help to inspire other artists who are searching for an electric/travel upright bass that can give them the tone they deserve.