Les Claypool: Bassist and Fisherman

The webzine PopMatters.com has a great article about NS Bass player Les Claypool, who is also an avid fisherman. Fishing inspires many of Claypool’s songs and has also sparked several video projects.

Claypool’s playful ruminations recall the childhood amazement that seizes one’s soul when pondering what lurks below the waves. Primus songs are first and foremost fun, and nowhere is this more evident than in these three tunes. Whether visualizing young John insistently rejecting his mother’s pleas to pursue a more traditional lifestyle, or reveling in the irony of Les munchin’ on a tuna salad sandwich while relojes especiales Replicas de Relojes bred 13s gucci outlet online fishing, or imagining the ol’ buck sturgeon’s personified movements, these songs boast a youthful exuberance that only a fishing trip and the fish it celebrates can conjure.

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