NS Artist: Jenn Adams, Montana Skies

Jennifer and Jonathan Adams of Montana Skies create a “new acoustic” sound with their pairing of six-string electric cello and Spanish/classical guitar. These award winning musicians delve into music from Pink Floyd and Rush to Vivaldi, House of the Rising Sun, and Bach, as well as their own originals that have been featured everywhere from NPR to the Travel Channel. Using a wide range of effects, Jennifer Adams’ blazing electric cello and Jonathan Adams’ guitar wizardry combine to create a sound that is truly remarkable. With an extensive tour schedule which has taken them all across the US, Canada, Russia and Asia, this vibrant duo is a must see in concert with the finesse and vitruoso of seasoned classical players crossed with the energy of a rock band.

I was recently able to connect with them at their appearance at the TCAN (The Center for the Arts Natick) in Natick, MA on April 30th and was amazed by their purely flawless and excitable performance. With Jonathan reserved, exhibiting his technical prowess on guitar and mastery of technological gadgetry and Jenn dancing across the stage with her NS CR6 Cello and NS’s Original Strap System on her shoulders, these two partners sparred and blended their musical passion into a memorable night of music.

I sat down with Jenn and Jonathan via phone earlier this month and chatted with them about their early beginnings, partnership, Jenn’s experience using the NS CR6 Cello, and both Jenn and Jonathan’s view of music technology, memorable performances and what’s on the horizon for Montana Skies.

Click here to listen to an interview with Jenn & Jonathan Adams and to watch a slideshow. And make sure to check out the Montana Skies website at montanaskiesmusic.ning.com